All are welcome to apply and contact us for free service:
Pilot Program: 
Legal Assistance This program allows low income individuals the opportunity to get legal advice concerning employment, housing and We have the honor of partnering with Volunteer Lawyers Network to bring the community this wonderful service, individuals will be eligible for free consultation, for appointment you must call the office at 612-234-7359 To schedule meeting.
The Cellphone Recycling program: We offer a safe way to recycle your old nonworking phones all proceeds raised from your old phone is turned into the recycling program and your old phone will be used to help  Juneteenth as a fundraiser opportunity.
Notary Republic Services:
Licensed Minnesota Notary services free of charge, must call for appointment at 612-234-7359.(Bus tokens for employment purpose only)
Employment Referrals:
Partnership with LifeTrack Organization for job placement for employment jobs and training, contact Twin Cities Juneteenth, for this employment opportunity.
Pilot Program Twin Cities Juneteenth Protective Payee:
Offering financial stability for the people in the Community who need help managing their utilities, rent and other bills.

For additional information, please contact us: 612-234-7359